Talking Tech

Boys of Tech is a weekly podcast where we talk about all things tech.

Whether it's Facebook adjusting its privacy settings, someone locating their stolen mobile device, or a student being busted for copyright infringement, each week we chat about the latest tech stories.

Join Edwin Hermann and the other regular panelists each week for an informative yet entertaining show.

It Makes You Think

The reason that listeners all over the world find Boys of Tech engaging and captivating is because the hosts present interesting and unusual points of view.

What may seem like a straight-forward situation may make you completely re-think your stance on the issue.

No Strings Attached

The Boys of Tech is completely independent of any industry players. Unlike many other tech podcasts, none of the hosts have ties to large technology companies or have industry influences.

We say it like it is.

Kiwi Made

The show is produced and edited in Wellington, New Zealand. It is now New Zealand's longest running tech podcast (and in our opinion, also the best).